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​​So you want to start an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?
TAFE NSW is the perfect place to begin. We are the biggest provider of apprentices and trainees across an enormous trade and industry sector in our region.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are paid programs that offer a combination of on-the-job, hands-on training and flexible course options taught by TAFE’s industry qualified staff.

How do I start?
Some people know exactly what type of apprenticeship or traineeship they want to do. Other people need to think it over, talk it out and get to know a bit about the different vocations on offer. We offer training across a broad range of industry areas. 
Once you’ve decided on a vocation that best suits you, you need to find an employer looking to take on apprentices or trainees. Have a look at our online job network powered by JobGetter, or contact a Group Training Organisation.

Once you’ve found an employer, you will need to complete a training contract, where you can nominate TAFE NSW as your preferred training provider. We receive your intention to start training and we will contact you to place you in an apprenticeship or traineeship group, which typically commence at the start of each semester.

​For more information
All you need to know about apprenticeships and traineeships can be found at the Training Services NSW website.

If you have lost your trade certificate and need another one, please phone Training Services NSW on 13 28 11.