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Multicultural coordinator with client

‚ÄčThe Multicultural Educational Coordinator is available to help multicultural students at TAFE. 
We can help with:

  • Direct support to students with language difficulties and referral to existing internal services such as counselling, library course info among others.
  • Tutorial support for students from non English speaking backgrounds enrolled in mainstream vocational courses.
  • Advice on Temporary Visa Holders (TVH) policy for enrolling students.
  • Advice on recognition of qualifications and training gained overseas.
  • Guidance on the use of interpreters and bilingual services.
  • Advice on the use of bilingual dictionaries in exams and extra exam time as needed.
  • Information to multicultural students on available courses and services at TAFE and improve their awareness and increase their access to programs and courses.

We can also give advice on courses to improve your English language skills.

Contact Us

Call our Multicultural Educational Coordinator on (02) 4923 7437, our Access and Equity unit on (02) 4930 2952 or send us a message.