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Student using mobile device

All TAFE NSW students are provided with an online account. It’s how you access and manage your student email, enrolment and contact details, module results and other resources.

Got your details? Use the LOGIN link at the top of any page of our website to get started. If you have a problem logging in, give us a call on 131 225 or send us a message.

Assistive Technology
All of our computers in classrooms and libraries include assistive technology Texthelp Read&Write Gold. This software supports people who need extra help reading and writing, are learning English or who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia.
TAFE NSW provides wireless connectivity in various locations on-site. Staff and students may use this service to connect with a personally owned device and access the internet via a web browser. 
TAFE NSW takes responsibility for all its ICT infrastructure to minimise impact of viruses and malicious software. Staff and students need to ensure and take personal responsibility to ensure their devices have appropriate and current antivirus software covering device and any email service that device may access.