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We ensure that people with disabilities who study with us have access, support and equal opportunities. We provide expertise in the following areas of disability from specialist Teacher Consultants to Disability Student Support Officers in Hearing, Vision, Physical and Learning/Mental Health.

We provide free services to eligible enrolled students:

• Individual education plans record the negotiated types of support based on the individual needs of each student.
• Pre-entry assistance. Course options – referral to a counsellor, support required, enrolment and fee exemption information
• Advice on physical access such as mobility and access to classrooms and parking permits,
• Tutorial assistance may be provided to assist with course theory, study skills and moodle access
• Assistive & Adaptive Technology and Adjustments. This can include equipment such as FM audio systems, large font or braille printing, software including Dragon, JAWSRead&Write Gold, trackballs and ergonomic keyboards.
• In class support including note takers, interpreters, class notes in alternative format
• Reasonable adjustment for assessment is provided dependent on the needs of the student. TAFE can provide interpreters, reader/writers, extra break times, extra time, adaptive equipment, tests in different formats and tests written in plain English.
• Flexible attendance may be provided for unusual circumstances such as surgery, prolonged illness or family crises

Students Seeking a Fee Exemption on the Basis of Disability
A student who is seeking a fee exemption on the basis of disability will need to provide one the following on the day of enrolment:

  • a letter or income statement from Centrelink confirming receipt of Disability Support Pension with CRN, or
  • a current Disability Pensioner Concession card with CRN, or
  • documentary evidence of training support requirements.

This evidence must be a letter or statement from either a medical practitioner, an appropriate government agency or Disability Service provider, or a specialist allied health professional including a rehabilitation counsellor, psychologist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist or Irlen Diagnostic Clinic.
The letter could be in the following form: "This is to confirm that (name) has a disability and the nature is such that due to their disability, support tailored to their individual needs as planned with TAFE NSW Disabilities Services Teacher/Consultants may be required to complete their studies."