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Students from all over the world choose to study English at the award-winning Newcastle English Language Centre. Our reputation for high quality training is supported by our friendly and experienced teachers, the availability of internationally-recognised English language examinations and our comfortable, well-equipped study facilities. But don’t take our word for it, see what our students have to say!


Gabriel, 2017

"The most amazing part is the beautiful family environment that exists in TAFE, which is exactly what international students are looking for, seeing that we are abroad and alone when we arrive. The lectures are focused on communication and vocabulary building more than just grammar and this develops your English in a most productive way. Finally, I would like to thank TAFE for the opportunity to take the Cambridge CAE test that is recognized all over the world and I’m really proud of myself, ELICOS had an important role in this achievement which will open many doors for me in the near future. Thanks for everything!!"

Eunah, 2016

Eunah, 2016

"Having been taught by extraordinary, skillful, capable, brilliant, talented teachers, I was able to improve my English remarkably, and therefore, I accomplished a 30-week course successfully. The last 30-week stay at the TAFE NSW Newcastle English Language Centre is one of the most unforgettable, valuable, productive times in my entire life. Your fantastic staff are the core of the Centre on the grounds that they do their best and work efficiently as one team so as to enhance international student education outcomes. The TAFE NSW Newcastle English Language Centre is the right place for English learners, where I would highly recommend people who are potentially interested in your courses."


Pam from Thailand, 2015

"TAFE is a well-known college so it was a pleasure to come to Hunter TAFE and study English here. It’s quiet here and the classes are high quality. Every teacher is very friendly and they pay attention to each student. Hunter TAFE ELICOS classes made me realise that there is a lot more for me to learn. Thank you TAFE."


Jose from Portugal, 2015

"What an amazing adventure! Having completed my university degree and worked for a couple of years in Portugal, I thought I had established myself but then I had the chance to come to Australia and improve my English at Hunter TAFE ELICOS. I’ve met amazing friends and the effort the teachers make to help you improve is remarkable. I had the chance to prepare for and successfully complete the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE). The facilities are excellent and all the expectations I had were not only met but exceeded."


Ratko from Macedonia, 2015

"I have met lots of friends here in Hunter TAFE ELICOS, I like the mixture of students. The teachers are really friendly and try to help you in everything and make you feel relaxed. The other thing I really like is the activities that the teachers organise for us because we get to know our classmates better and try new things. I passed the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) and this is because the teachers here put the time and effort into us."


Miriam, 2014

"I've been studying at Hunter TAFE ELICOS for almost a year and it has gone so fast. I’ve met so many wonderful people from different cultures and backgrounds but all of us with the same goal, to learn English. I am very proud of the fact that I passed FCE, which means I’ll be able to work as a teacher in Spain. This is a great opportunity, something that I’ve been looking forward to doing for years. All this would have been impossible for me without my teachers who encouraged me not to give up and to be confident. It has been the best year of my life!"


Willy, 2013

"It was an unforgettable experience which challenged me and made my skills rise as a person and a student. Studying while making friends - that’s the magic which makes you enjoy every single moment of this experience. Teachers are really prepared to face the challenge of handling people from all around the world with different accents and culture. I won’t forget the period I spent at TAFE. It is in my heart and soul."


Sabrynny, 2013

"To study English at ELICOS has been a perfect experience for me because every teacher has a lot of patience to speak with you and teach the language. If I could talk to people about this, I would say that it is an amazing experience and if people from other countries have the same interest about learning English, I would say that the perfect place to learn English, meet other cultures and enjoy the experience, is at Hunter TAFE ELICOS."

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