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TAFE NSW works with jobactiveDisability Employment Services and Transition to Work providers to offer personalised service and programs with real outcomes. 
Attendance reporting
A reporting service is available for students registered with a jobactive, DES or TTW provider, allowing you to track student attendance and assist in maintaining participation. To request a Reporting Spreadsheet, simply email usPlease note that reporting can only be provided if a release of information form signed by the student has been provided to us.
Alternatively you can download a copy of the free Student Attendance Card, which students can request their teacher to sign and date. The card can be easily folded to fit into a wallet for presentation during job seeker interviews.
Toolkit for Job Seekers work placement programs
Work placement is an invaluable experience that gives students a great advantage in the real world. 
Toolkit for Job Seekers is an initiative to increase employment outcomes for job seekers, and is run in partnership with employers to provide job seekers with real opportunities to gain employment.
While on work placement, students will meet a list of competencies which have been developed by teachers, as well as follow policies and procedures developed by the employers. Students may be asked to keep a work placement diary that will form part of their course completion and assist them to gain employment.
TAFE NSW works in partnership with employment providers to secure jobs. We do this through:
• including employment providers in our workplace visits;
• liaising daily in regards to attendance; and
• keeping up-to-date resumes on file for our employer partners. 
Develop programs to suit your clients needs
We are able to create a training package that is uniquely designed to fit your needs, focusing on your clients specific needs and outcomes - we work with you to ensure your goals are met. Whether it is an individual training program, the assignment of a mentor or the development of a customised program. We can help you meet your needs.

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