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TAFE NSW is committed to consumer protection.
We value your feedback and complaints as they help us to address your concerns and improve the quality of our service. We’ll try to remedy problems promptly and deal with each matter fairly. 
In most cases an appeal process is available if you are unhappy with the outcome.
How you can provide feedback or make a complaint
You can submit suggestions, feedback or complaints online, at your local TAFE NSW or by calling us on 131 225.
If your complaint relates to training subsidised by the NSW Government, you can contact the Consumer Protection Officer by phoning 4923 7612.
It is preferable that you give your name and details with your complaint. Anonymous complaints can be acted on only in certain circumstances.
How your feedback or complaint will be handled
When your feedback or complaint is received it will be assessed in terms of its nature and seriousness.

We will acknowledge it in writing and we can give you an indication of the likely timeframe for dealing with it.

If it is about a policy or process rather than about a person, then we’ll try to find a way to remedy the problem or improve our systems (ie remedy and systems improvement procedure).

If it is about a person, but not about an alleged serious breach of policy or procedure, then we'll try to find a solution which will meet the needs of all parties (ie negotiation procedure).

If it is about a person, and it is about an alleged serious breach of policy or procedure, then we will investigate (ie investigation procedure).

For more information you can:
• Contact the relevant TAFE NSW location or TAFE Manager.
View TAFE NSW policies and procedures applying to complaints and conduct.