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Outstanding Fees Policy

1.  Objectives - Policy statement
This policy informs Students of their obligations with regard to any outstanding fees that they have owing to Hunter TAFE.

1.1. The failure by a student to pay a fee owing to Hunter TAFE may lead to penalties being imposed on the student under this Policy.

1.2. One of the penalties that may be imposed under the Policy is an order that the issue of a testamur, result notice or employer report to, or in respect of, the student be withheld.


2.  Audience and applicability

2.1. This policy applies to all Hunter TAFE Students.

2.2. It is intended that this policy will:

2.2.1. assist Hunter TAFE to prevent a situation arising in which a fee remains unpaid;

2.2.2. assist Hunter TAFE to remind a student to pay an outstanding fee;

2.2.3. assist Hunter TAFE to, at an early time, identify a situation in which a student has failed to pay a fee within a reasonable period of time;

2.2.4. in the event that an outstanding fee remains unpaid, assist Hunter TAFE to recover all outstanding fees, and meet contractual, legislative and government requirements.


3.  Outstanding Fees

3.1. Failure to pay fees
The failure by a student to pay fees owing to Hunter TAFE may lead to penalties being imposed on the student under this policy.

3.1.1. Failure to Pay any amounts owing to Hunter TAFE by the due dates, at the sole discretion of the Institute, may result in suspension or discontinuance of Student’s Course including (but not limited to): Class attendance; Sitting for examinations; Receipt of educational awards; Restricted use of amenities and services (including library services and parking);  and Restrictions to future enrolments.


3.2. Hunter TAFE Instalment Plan – outstanding fees
If the Student is unable to make a payment of an Instalment Amount owing to Hunter TAFE, the Student must contact Hunter TAFE Finance on 131 225 prior to the Due Date - to advise and determine whether an alternative option for payment is available;

3.2.1. Where a Student terminates their Hunter TAFE Instalment Plan – their total amount outstanding is due to be paid to Hunter TAFE within 7 days;
3.2.2. Where a Student formally discontinues their studies after Final fee liability date, any outstanding instalments become due and payable within 7 days of the formal date of discontinuation;
3.2.3. Where the Student defaults on the Due Date of any Instalment Amounts, the following may apply (at the sole discretion of the Institute): Any outstanding balance of Instalment Amounts become payable immediately; The Student may be suspended from further tuition; No subsequent instalment plans may be considered; and If the student completes the requirements for the qualification in which the student is enrolled, and has outstanding fees, the student may not be issued with evidence of completion (ie. Testamur or transcript) until such time as the outstanding fees are paid in full.

3.3. Any amounts not paid by the Student to the reasonable satisfaction of Hunter TAFE may be referred to a debt collection agency which may result in additional costs being incurred and/or information being provided to a credit reporting body;
3.4. If liability of the outstanding fees is disputed, the student will need to refer to the Hunter TAFE Fee and Refund Policy for further guidance.

4.  Related Documents (Documents to be read in conjunction with this policy)
The following documents relate to and are to be read in conjunction with this Policy:
5.  Responsibilities and delegations
5.1. Hunter TAFE Students
Hunter TAFE Students are responsible for:
5.1.1. The prompt and on time payment of their Student fees.  It is the Student’s sole responsibility to ensure that their Student fees are paid in full and by the respective Due Dates, regardless of whether the payment of student fees has been accepted by a Guarantor/Employer/Third Party.
5.1.2. The onus remains on the Student to ensure their Student fees are paid in full and on time.
5.1.3. Being aware of the applicable fee policies that apply to Hunter TAFE Students.
5.2. Hunter TAFE
Hunter TAFE is responsible for:
5.2.1. Providing the Student with a Fee Statement or Statement of Outstanding Fees. The Fee Statement will specify: The amount due and the due date for payment; If eligible for a Hunter TAFE Instalment plan, the next three Instalment amounts and the respective Due dates; The total amount of the Student Fee; The total amount outstanding/balance remaining to be paid; the payment options; and a brief outline of the terms and conditions. The Statement of Outstanding Fees will specify: The total amount due, and due date for final payment; Instalment Amounts and Instalment Due Dates; and Payments options.
5.2.2. Supporting the student with their studies and helping with options to pay their outstanding fees owed to Hunter TAFE.
5.2.3. Access to applicable fee policies (See 4.0 Related Documents)
5.2.4. The effective administration, and implementation of this policy and associated procedures;
5.2.5. The monitoring, evaluation and review of this policy on an ongoing basis;
5.2.6. Updating this policy on the Hunter TAFE website within a reasonable time, when any information contained in or referred to in this policy has been updated or changed.
6.  Contact
6.1. Customers who have enquiries regarding this policy should contact 131 225, or email Hunter TAFE
6.2. Customers can also contact the Hunter TAFE Consumer Protection Officer by clicking here.
6.3. If a customer's issue cannot be resolved at Hunter TAFE, customers can contact Training Services NSW Customer Support Centre on 1300 772 104. Further information is provided at