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Hunter TAFE teacher
Fees are calculated for the whole qualification, rather than the previous practice of paying per year or semester. Students will pay additional costs for Student Reference Materials that are not essential to complete your studies, though if purchased will enhance your learning. These resources remain your property and will continue to assist you in the workplace of your chosen vocation.
Payment options
At Hunter TAFE, we understand that every student is different, so we offer a range of payment options to help you start your journey. For details of the payment options available to you, please click here.
Fee exemptions and concessions
Fee exemptions and concessions are available for students with special needs so they can access NSW Government subsidised training in job related areas. Students must meet eligibility requirements and provide supporting evidence to confirm fee exemption or concession.
The NSW Government has announced up to 200,000 Fee-free Scholarships from 2015-2019. Click here to find out more!

Eligible Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students will not pay a fee for any subsidised course. This means that if you are eligible to enrol in a Certificate III or lower, you will be exempt from fees for any available course. If you already have a Certificate IV or higher you will be eligible to enrol in a Certificate IV qualification or higher that is included on the Skills List, subject to availability. You will be exempt from fees for these higher level qualifications.

Commonwealth welfare recipients and their dependants may be eligible for a fee concession in government subsidised training.
Eligible students with disabilities who qualify for an exemption or eligible students who are dependants of Disability Support Pension recipients, will not pay fees for any Smart and Skilled courses they undertake regardless of the number of qualifications in which they enrol or the level of the qualification.​
Students who are studying in a course of 16 hours per week or more are considered as meeting the educational requirements to maintain a Centrelink benefit.
Apprentices and Trainees
Any student registered as a NSW apprentice or new entrant trainee will also be eligible for subsidised training under Smart and Skilled. In 2016, apprentice student fees are capped at $2,000 per qualification and trainee student fees are capped at $1,000 per approved qualification.

Apprentices may also be eligible for a Trade Support Loan to assist with everyday costs while they complete their Apprenticeship. Trade Support Loans are paid up to $20,000 over 4 years. For information about the loan, speak with your Australian Apprenticeships Centre (AAC) or visit the
Australian Apprenticeships website.
VET Student Loans
TAFE NSW has been approved to offer the Government's new VET Student Loans program. Eligible students enrolling in approved Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses will have access to the new loan program, which allows students to defer some or all of their tuition fees (up to the loan cap limit).
For more information, visit our page on VET Student Loans.
Repeating a Unit of Competency for students enrolled in a Smart and Skilled program
The fee you pay, or the fee exemption or Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarship you receive, only covers your first attempt at your course, and the first attempt at any unit of competency within your course. If you want to repeat a unit of competency you should discuss this with your head teacher as soon as possible. A separate fee will be charged for any second or further attempt to successfully achieve a unit of competency. This fee will be determined on your specific circumstances and training needs. ​Click here to view fees.
Do you need more information? Call us on 131 225! We are here to help.

Defer Studies

​​Hunter TAFE offers you the option to defer your studies for up to 12 months. To defer, you must have an agreed date of return and submit a Notification of Deferral of Studies form.
Please note that deferring your studies in training subsidised by the NSW Government will have fee implications in accordance with the Hunter TAFE Fee and Refund Policy.

Discontinue Studies

If you choose to discontinue your studies, please speak with your Teacher or Head Teacher before making a decision – we will support you. You will also need to submit a Notification of Discontinuation of Studies form. If you simply stop going to class and handing in work, you risk not passing and incurring further cost.
Please note that discontinuing your studies in training subsidised by the NSW Government will have fee implications in accordance with the Hunter TAFE Fee and Refund Policy.
For VET Student Loans or VET FEE-HELP students, it is very important that you withd​raw​ from a Unit of Study prior to its census date if you cannot complete that period of study.