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Trade teacher and students
We understand that you may have plenty of experience but may not have the qualification you need to get your trade licence or qualify to work in New South Wales.

The Australian system of state-based licences means different organisations are responsible for issuing licences in each state, and different requirements apply.

At TAFE, we offer a range of recognition services for experienced workers to help you gain the qualification you need. Our services may include an assessment interview, or a full skills assessment in our workshop, or at your place of employment. Charges apply to these services. A skills assessment is often required to obtain qualifications for NSW Fair Trading licences.

Understanding Trades Recognition

There are three main agencies that deal with Trades Recognition in New South Wales: 

1.  NSW Fair Trading issues your licences. In many cases, Fair Trading will not issue you with a licence unless you hold the relevant Australian qualification.

2.  The Vocational Training Tribunal (VTT) can issue you with either a Craft Certificate (confirming at least 4 years' work in an industry) or a Certificate of Proficiency (confirming at least 4 years' work in an industry PLUS the required course of formal training). Visit the Trade Skills Recognition website of Training Services NSW for contact details and further information. Charges apply to these services.

3.  TAFE NSW and other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) issue qualifications only.