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​​How long will it take to process my RPL application?
TAFE NSW procedures recommend a period of 3 weeks for assessment and notification. If we need to ask you for more evidence or it needs to go to more than one assessor, it will take longer.

For 100% Recognition applications, the time period will be greater.

If you submit your application for recognition less than 3 weeks before the end of semester, teaching staff may be unable to assess your application until the following semester. If you submit your application in late November, it may not be assessed until the following year.

When can I apply for recognition?
You should apply for recognition, as soon as possible after enrolling in a course. You don't have to wait until the semester when the units are offered. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will know. It may also be important for calculating your fees.  If you are not an enrolled student, you can still apply for recognition as a commercial client through our 100% Recognition process.

Is there a cost to claiming RPL?
If you are enrolled in a TAFE NSW course and undertaking some study, there is no extra charge for recognition. If you want to apply for full recognition, we offer a 100% Recognition service.

If I am claiming RPL, will I get a grade for my unit of competency?
Units granted recognition do not get a grade. The word "Competent" will appear on your transcript. 
What is a Graded Award?
If the units you are granted are in a graded award, then your award may be affected. You need a grade in at least half of the units contributing to the grade of the award (shown by * in your Course Structure and Completions report) to gain a graded award. Your teacher or course co-ordinator can provide you with a copy of this document.

Should I attend class while I wait for my RPL application to be processed?
It is recommended that you attend classes in case you are not successful.

Will my Austudy or other benefits be affected?
Your Austudy or other benefits may be affected if you get Recognition, because the number of hours you are studying may be reduced. You need to talk to your Benefit Provider or to a TAFE counsellors for advice.
I want to study overseas. What International education and training websites can I visit for more information?
 Ontario Colleges and Universities Credit Transfer Guide - this site gives information about Credit Transfer available to students of Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (similar to TAFE NSW) in Ontario Universities.
 UNESCO Conventions on Recognition of Qualifications - Australia is a signatory to the Lisbon Convention on Recognition of Prior Learning - find out about this and the Bologna Convention at this site. 
 European Network of Information Centres ENIC Network - this site gives contact details and information about European Union Recognition Centres, for Recognition in European universities.

If you are planning to study overseas, you may need to apply for an Apostille. This is a document that verifies the authenticity of your qualifications. Contact the NSW Department of Education in Bridge Street Sydney to have your TAFE documents certified by the Authorising Officer.

Evidence of Recognition

There are two types of evidence you can provide for recognition.

Direct evidence is the most useful. It could be actual examples of your work, original transcripts of study (or certified copies) or things you may have produced in the course of your work, such as a newsletter or spreadsheet. You need to prove with indirect evidence that anything you show us was produced by you.

Indirect evidence is provided by other people about you and your work. It may be a statement from an employer, a reference, a school report or a newspaper article about your community work.

If you cannot provide sufficient documentation, you may be able to do a challenge or exit activity to demonstrate your skills.

What is National Recognition?

If you have completed units of competency with other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia or TAFE NSW, then you may be able to apply for National Recognition. Under National Recognition, RTOs agree to recognise each other's training where possible.

You will need to provide a Statement of Competencies achieved. Log book records or training records do not prove that you have achieved the competencies.

We can provide you with lists of the competencies in your TAFE course. We will need to know the TAFE course number. 

Embedded Testamur

If you can't complete your current course, but have enough units to finish a lower level course, you might be eligible to apply for an Embedded Testamur at a cost. You may also be eligible for an Embedded Testamur if you completed enough units while studying another course in previous years. Please note that we cannot issue expired qualifications.