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​​NSW school students can get credit in TAFE NSW courses for study in Year 11 and 12
Any student can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning if you can show evidence that you have all the skills and knowledge of units in the TAFE course you want to do. For example, you may know a lot about computers, from home and school experience, and may be able to get credit towards a Certificate II or III in Information Technology.

Vocational courses, including TAFE delivered VET for Schools (TVET)
Schools in NSW can offer vocational courses. Some of these are taught in school and others are taught at TAFE NSW.
If you enrol in a TAFE course that includes some of the same competencies, then we will try to grant you Recognition for these competencies. This is called National Recognition.
If you need to apply for recognition in another Australian state or overseas, you can get copies of the syllabus documents for all NSW HSC courses from the NSW Education Standards Australia website.

Interstate Schools
If you attended school in a state or territory of Australia other than New South Wales, you can still apply for Recognition of Prior Learning in TAFE NSW.
The subjects you studied may be quite different in content to those that are taught in New South Wales. Please check the relevant State or Territory Board of Studies website for syllabus information.