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​For Clinton Burgess no two days are the same for an apprentice Electronics and Communications Technician. From visiting a robotic dairy in the Gloucester region as part of a TAFE work experience opportunity, to heading north each year to conduct maintenance for a radome on Bathurst Island, variety is plentiful in the electronics industry. Clinton is currently completing his apprenticeship with Dexata, a supplier of breakthrough analytic capabilities within the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) domain here in the Hunter.
Course: Certificate III in Electronics and Communications
Employer: Dexata
Describe what your company does?
Design and manufacture of integration systems. Also, data analytics, software design and programming.  
What does a typical day at work look like for you?
There is no typical day for me at work! There is so many different things that I could be working on, from building a computer, fault finding and testing equipment to working thousands of kilometres away in the Northern Territory installing equipment. 
What led you to the course you are currently studying at TAFE?
Dexata designs, builds and integrates a lot of equipment. I wanted to learn and have a better understanding of how circuits and electronic components work other than just assembling stuff! To get that knowledge I enrolled at Hunter TAFE.   
What is the best thing about studying at TAFE?
I think the best thing about studying at TAFE is having teachers that are still involved in the industry outside of TAFE, which makes it easier to learn. Also, the facilities and range of equipment at TAFE are excellent. It gives students the opportunity to complete practical tasks that they may not get to achieve in their work place.
As an apprentice, how does your TAFE study fit in with what you learn on the job?
Getting the knowledge and practical skills from TAFE is really helping with what I’m learning on the job. It allows me to put the skills I am learning at TAFE and on the job in to practice which is helping me become a better Electronics and Communications Technician.
What is the most interesting thing you have learnt during your time in the classroom/ lab at TAFE?
I think that everything I am learning is interesting. We do theory of a morning and then put that theory in to a practical exercise in the afternoon. The practical exercises give you a chance to build, test and fault find circuits and also incorporate the theory from the morning to get a full understanding of how a circuit works.
Do you have any advice for someone considering studying at TAFE?
I guess the advice would be, go for it! There are so many different courses that are available at TAFE. If you’re looking at up skilling or a career change TAFE is the place to do it.

Clinton was featured as the Student of the Month in the December/ January edition of Hunter Industry News.

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