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A trip to Bali has given twelve Hunter TAFE students unique insights into the international production of fashion. The Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design and Technology students visited several clothing factories, including the Tirtanbulan Factory, where the students’ own fashion range, ‘Notched’, is now in the process of being made.
One of the group, 18-year-old Hannah Teale of East Maitland, said the Hunter TAFE organised trip was integral to the students’ knowledge of the fashion supply chain.
“It’s important to make the trip to understand where your finished product is coming from,” she said. “It was reassuring to see that there were nice working conditions. We got to hang out with the pattern-makers and although there were language barriers we learned so much.”
Ms Teale, who also stepped in to model the range for a fashion shoot for the range ‘Notched’ while in Bali, said the experience was quite moving. “When we arrived at the factory we were given a traditional Balinese welcome and blessing. We felt so special and honoured,” she said.
Sarah Orczy was another student who gained insights from the trip. “To take a collection to production, shows you that what you’re learning in class really works,” she said. “We’re not just learning about drawing, pattern-making and sewing but also the business side of things too.” Ms Orczy is now in the process of designing a collection for her final assessment, which she will then use for her own start-up business.
Rose Brown, Head Teacher Design at Hunter TAFE, accompanied the group and said the trip was eye-opening for the students. “For some of the students, it was their first trip overseas and they were quite overawed by the traffic and the heat,” she said. “It was educational in terms of them learning about mass-production practices and how producing your own range is achievable.”

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