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ATTENDANCE & TIMETABLES - Do I have to wear a uniform?

ATTENDANCE & TIMETABLES - How do I find out about my timetable?

ATTENDANCE & TIMETABLES - How many hours per week do I have to attend to get a travel pass?

ATTENDANCE & TIMETABLES - What study options are available?

ATTENDANCE & TIMETABLES - When do courses start?

ATTENDANCE & TIMETABLES - Where are TAFE campuses in my area?

COURSE INFO - Can I complete a degree program at TAFE?

COURSE INFO - Can I do a TAFE course while I am still at school?

COURSE INFO - Can I enrol at TAFE as an early school leaver?

COURSE INFO - Finding out about Apprenticeships or Traineeships

COURSE INFO - How do I browse for a course?

COURSE INFO - I am a Temporary Visa Holder, which courses can I do and how much do I have to pay?

COURSE INFO - I am an International Student, which courses can I study?

COURSE INFO - I'm not sure what I want to study, who can help me?

COURSE INFO - The course I was hoping to enrol into has been cancelled what else can I get into?

COURSE INFO - What books will I need and how much are they?

COURSE INFO - What courses are available?

COURSE INFO - What does 'AQF' mean?

COURSE INFO - What does 'flexible' mean as a study option?

COURSE INFO - What does 'NRT' mean?

COURSE INFO - What if I don't know which course I would like to do?

COURSE INFO - What if I don't meet the entry requirements for the course that interests me?

COURSE INFO - What is Advanced Standing and Recognition of Prior Learning/Credit?

COURSE INFO - What is the difference between a Certificate and a Diploma?

COURSE INFO - Where do I find the entry requirements for a course?

ENROLLING - How do I get a TAFEcard?

ENROLLING - How do I register online?

ENROLLING - How long will the information session take?

ENROLLING - I am not able to enrol personally, can I get someone to enrol on my behalf?

ENROLLING - I have missed the enrolment session, can I still enrol?

ENROLLING - I have registered online, does that mean I am enrolled?

ENROLLING - What documents should I bring with me to enrol?

ENROLLING - What is an Information or Enrolment Session?

ENROLLING - When do I attend the Enrolment Session?

MISC - Are Scholarships available?

MISC - How do I become a TAFE teacher?

MISC - What do I need a TAFEcard for?

MISC - Who do I contact regarding Moodle?

PAYMENTS & REFUNDS - Can I pay the course fee by instalments?

PAYMENTS & REFUNDS - Do I have to pay at the same time I register online?

PAYMENTS & REFUNDS - How can I obtain a replacement Certificate or Transcript of Academic Record

PAYMENTS & REFUNDS - How much is my course?

PAYMENTS & REFUNDS - I am a Temporary Visa Holder, how much do I have to pay?


PAYMENTS & REFUNDS - Will I have to pay for the course?

SERVICES - Does TAFE assist me with finding employment after I have completed my course?

SERVICES - I need help with English, who should I speak to?

SERVICES - Is accommodation available on campus?

SERVICES - What if I have a disability and require assistance?