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Event Date: 11/11/2016

​The Greater Hunter Makers Festival will be held on Friday 11 November to Saturday 12 November at Newcastle Jockey Club, 9am - 4pm.


The Makers Festival aims to showcase the greater Hunter Region as a global centre of engineering and manufacturing excellence.


This is a FREE event open to anyone who may be interested in innovative technology for their business or looking to gain a career in the engineering and manufacturing industry.


Hunter TAFE is proud to collaborate with Ai Group as a sponsor of the event. Be sure to visit the TAFE hub and check out what courses and activities are on offer to kick start your career or business:



Description of activity
Electronics (Assemble Complex Circuit System)
Participants will be given the opportunity to learn how to assemble a fine pitch, surface mount complex Electronic Circuit. This type of manual soldering technique is typically employed in the Hunter Region during prototyping and industrial printed circuit board rework.    
Industrial Design (3D Printing Demonstration)
Participants will assemble a two part product that demonstrates the utilization of both the laser cutter and 3D printing process used in prototyping.
This will demonstrate a design evaluation process used prior to committing a product to mass production.
Sheet metal/Automotive (Try A Skill Trailer – Spraypainting model vehicles)
Participants will be able to learn about spot welding, MIG welding and airbrush techniques as used in the Automotive Panel Beating and Spray Painting industry.
Welding (Simulator)
Hunter TAFE’s Virtual Welder gives the user a unique experience by simulating true to life welding conditions without any of the safety risks.
Industrial Production (Robot Demonstration)
Pneumatic production robots are controlled by complex electronic circuits. These robots are indicative of the equipment used in training students at Hunter TAFE.



For further event information, please visit the Markers Festival website.