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Adam McDonald

Adam McDonald - Transport and Mining

“As a teacher at Hunter TAFE, we have passion. If you don’t have passion you can’t get the knowledge across.” Adam had experience working with apprentices in the workshop environment as a tradesman. He loved the educational aspect of his job, a decided he was cut out to teach professionally, bringing his experience in the industry into the job. For Adam, the pre-apprenticeship aspect of transport and mining is a crucial stage of developing tradespeople on their career pathway.

Alison Dorahy

Alison Dorahy - Animal and Equine Studies

"Students at Hunter TAFE get to study something they are really passionate about. It’s great seeing their commitment and dedication. Being teachers, we are part of that journey, helping to facilitate some great career pathways". Alison is a qualified veterinary nurse who has 17 years of industry experience. Alison is the acting Head Teacher of veterinary nursing, facilitating online study. Many of her students have secured professional placements through her strong industry connections, and some go on to higher education, including vet science at university.

Amanda Roddenby

Amanda Roddenby - Food Services and Hospitality

"As a region we need to have high standards to keep people coming into our town – so training is extremely important. Staying involved in the industry is paramount to imparting the highest quality knowledge and skills. It keeps us up to date with industry trends and motivates us to stay current in our industry. Training has changed in that it is achievable for everyone. Students can learn online, or at a venue close to home and we secure work experience for our students." In 2013, Amanda won the Teaching Award for the Hospitality and Tourism department. It’s one of many highlights in her teaching career at Hunter TAFE. Another major highlight is seeing her students working out in the industry.

Andrew Gill

Andrew Gill - Manufacturing and Engineering

"The most memorable students are those that have a genuine passion for the trade, demonstrated through their high level of achievements at TAFE and in the workplace. When a student you have been personally responsible for wins an award, it really gives you a sense of pride in their achievement". Andrew has 31 years' experience in Fitting and Machining and has been teaching at TAFE for 14 of those. He is still very much involved in the industry, splitting his time between teaching and industry work. Andrew has seen more than 2,000 graduates leave TAFE ready to tackle their career goals.

Anna Sain

Anna Sain - Administration, Business, Library and Real Estate

"Business and business admin is the backbone of any industry. This is reflected in the classroom by having teachers that still work in the industry. One of the most major, ongoing changes in the industry is software updates. Teachers bring current practices to Hunter TAFE." Anna has been teaching business administration at Hunter TAFE for 20 years. In that time she has delivered courses out in the industry, taught Newcastle Knights players, attended career expos and encouraged students through Hunter TAFE’s career pathways.

Annabella Redman

Annabella Redman - Creative Industries, Fashion and Media

"With each intake in this career area, the number of students and their talent level has increased which has driven the level of enthusiasm up. We are constantly developing new courses to improve the level of training we offer and are constantly linking this back into the community." Annabella teaches music, singing and performance at the Regional Institute of Performing Arts through Hunter TAFE. Her experience in the industry means that she can means that she can offer her students’ real-world skills. She also takes back experience from the classroom and employs it in the workforce creating an educational cycle.

Carly Kidd

Carly Kidd - Food Services and Hospitality

"I still work in the industry, and I think it’s vital to the students’ education to hear real stories from somewhere they might one day be working. I often come into class on a Monday and say, ‘you wouldn’t believe what happened at work this week’, and then we have a great chat about it. It also means that I stay up-to-date on current industry practices and technologies and just new ways of doing things." Twenty years ago Carly did the same course at Hunter TAFE that she now teaches. She says Hunter TAFE is set apart by delivering courses that are tailored to students needs and the skills required in the local industry.

Chad Hamilton

Chad Hamilton - Manufacturing and Engineering

"We are one of the largest training providers of the fabrication engineering trades in Australia which puts us in direct contact with many employers within the industry. Industry consultation helps decide what our customers want from us in regards to educational pathways which helps deliver a quality product. Through this consultation we now offer different products to achieve goals set by learners and to suit industry needs." Chad began his career as a boiler maker at BHP and when it left Newcastle he was offered the opportunity for re-education. Chad did his teaching degree at the University of Newcastle and taught in high schools for a number of years before returning to Hunter TAFE to work alongside teachers who had taught him.

Christine Cone

Christine Cone - Education for careers and further study

"Hunter TAFE provides access and support to its students who have a desire to learn and succeed in their education. People require high levels of literacy and numeracy skills in order to both enter the workforce and develop their career. Without a sound literacy and numeracy foundation a person’s future is uncertain." Christine teaches Certificate III in Educational Support, literacy and numeracy with a focus on assisting women to re-enter work and/or education. She says Hunter TAFE is set apart by providing educational opportunity and support via access and equity to its many students.

Colleen Webb

Colleen Webb -

“Hunter TAFE has a real human edge. That’s what sets it apart from other organisations.” Colleen has been at Hunter TAFE for 25 years as a teacher consultant for students with vision impairment. For Colleen, Hunter TAFE is unique because of the speciality of its Disability Services in vision and hearing impairment, learning difficulties, physical difficulties and mental health. Colleen is also involved in tailoring students’ individual education plans, that assist the student throughout their time at Hunter TAFE, allowing them to work at the same level as the rest of the students in the classroom.

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