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Regional Institute of Performing Arts
The Regional Institute of Performing Arts is an innovative and energetic centre for performing arts training and has built a reputation for offering quality practice-led training in performing arts, live production and events. Our training focuses on delivering the knowledge and skills that generate employment and develop students into highly skilled, creative and business-minded practitioners.
Students are encouraged to explore ways in which they can combine their love of performance and entertainment and the reality of creating, securing and pursuing employment opportunities. As a result, students are also taught techniques that improve their writing, directing, choreographic or producing skills. The techniques are based on the methods of leading actors, writers and directors.
Our teachers are creative and passionate and actively involved in industry practice. Through their teaching, innovation, experimentation and critical thinking are at the core of our courses.
The knowledge, skills and practical application gained through our training means you are better positioned to respond to projects as required by industry. Reaching this level of professionalism greatly increases your employment opportunities in the performing arts, entertainment and arts-related industries, such as health, youth and community sectors.
At the Regional Institute of Performing Arts, you will be taught and supervised by highly qualified, experienced and award-winning teachers who will mentor you through your intensive and exhilarating creative development.
Courses available at The Regional Institute of Performing Arts
Diploma of Arts (Acting)
This course is the first phase in the development of the actor as a creative practitioner. Students start their training with a focus on acting and are soon introduced to writing and directing. You will develop a broad range of skills to ensure you are well equipped to work and participate in the performing arts industry. Our training methods help to refine your current skills so you can be versatile performers and confidently respond to all employment opportunities.
This Advanced Diploma is the second phase of your performance training, where the knowledge and skills from the Diploma are applied in more challenging classwork and productions. The high level of training delivered reflects the expectations of a very competitive performing arts industry. In this course, students consolidate their acting, writing and directing skills through a dedicated festival of major original works, known as the Clegg Festival.
Applicants can request to enter the Advanced Diploma on the basis of their depth knowledge and level experience gained, without having achieved the Diploma in Arts (Acting) at Hunter TAFE.
If you love to dance and want to make it your career, this course is for you. A strong focus on employment and building careers in creative dance practice will support your goal of becoming an independent performer, choreographer or teacher. If you want to take a big leap in your professional status, this course will assist you to develop your business skills and build your portfolio of work.
If you love to sing and dance and want a career in musical theatre or music-based performance work, then this course is for you. This Diploma training has a strong focus on developing skills that will define you as a skilful, resourceful and confident 'triple threat' (singer/dancer/actor) and assist you to compete for those amazing roles. You will also get the business skills to work as freelance performers and deal confidently with auditions in gaining professional work.
Do you enjoy working backstage and/or managing technical operations in the performing arts and entertainment industries? This course will suit you! The Diploma in Live Production and Technical Services is designed to assist technical production students to build and refine their skills to a professional level. Students will also get the business skills to work as freelance technicians and deal confidently with sub-contract work and/or short or long term contracts in production companies or for events.

No upfront fees required!

Course fees for selected Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses can be paid upfront, or students may take out a VET FEE-HELP loan. 
VET FEE-HELP is a student loan scheme that is funded by the Commonwealth Government to assist eligible students pay their course fees. VET FEE-HELP loans are not subject to income or assets tests. 
VET FEE-HELP provides you with the option of:
- Deferring all of your tuition fees; or
- Paying some of your tuition fees upfront and deferring the balance 
For more information on VET FEE-HELP, click here.

What is a Dual Qualification?

Students can register to complete two courses in just twelve months! Available Dual Qualifications: 

Students completing a Dual Qualification must meet the entry requirements for both qualifications and be able to attend class 4 days per week.

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