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​​Newcastle Art School is an exciting, intensive learning environment where all our teachers are recognised artists themselves.

Decked out with the latest technology, the Hunter Street Campus facility boasts drawing and painting studios, printmaking facilities, a design room, traditional and digital photography lab and a sculpture facility.

The focus of our courses is developing students into professional artists. Many of the skills developed at the School are useful in a range of work environments.  Newcastle Art School has trained curators, press photographers, staff of state museums and independent arts entrepreneurs.

Whatever your aspirations in the art world, getting the right training can open doors for your career.

Keep up to date with the latest news and events at the Newcastle Art School by following our blog.

Getting into Uni
Want to pursue your study even further? Our graduates are offered credit into Degree courses at various Australian universities for those developing research and academic art studies.

Newcastle Art School has a credit arrangement with The University of Newcastle that provides three semesters' credit for a Diploma of Fine Arts graduate and four semesters' credit for an Advanced Diploma graduate.

Arrangements are made to offer the best transition from TAFE to university, to encourage students who wish to pursue research Honours and Masters qualifications.

Articulation can also be made to Education programs for those interested in teaching at various levels including High School.

Sydney College of the Arts at The University of NSW also offers our Diploma and Advanced Diploma graduates one full year credit in their degree program.
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