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Civil Engineering and Surveying student

TAFE NSW offers Civil Construction and Surveying courses that will train you for various entry levels into the industry as well as providing pathways to university with advanced standing.
Civil construction designers work with civil engineers in the design and construction process of major projects such as commercial buildings, bridges, roads, dams, tunnels, railways.
This career requires a range of skills including an eye for detail, being able to work with others, project management, the ability to use CAD software to produce plans with precision as well as being involved in the construction process to ensure the structure is being built to specification as per the plan.
Surveying assistant or surveying technician are careers that are open to students who study in this career at TAFE. The career starts with Certificate III in Surveying and Spatial Information Services and then students can progress on to the Surveying Diploma. Once finished studying at the Diploma level, students can go on to study Surveying at university with advanced standing.
If you still are not quite sure on your career path, why not take our test at to see what career area might suit you!