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Real Estate and Property Services

‚ÄčLocation, location, location! Are you a good communicator? Can you build rapport quickly? Can you negotiate? If this sounds like you, a course in Real Estate with us is your ticket to your future!
There are a number of ways to enter a career in Property, whether it's property management or selling residential or commercial property, and TAFE NSW have options to help you get started. Let's say that you have an interest in property and you're just finishing school, the Certificate III in Property Services (Agency) provides the entry level qualifications to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to get started in a supporting role in an agency.
By all means, age is no determining factor of success in real estate, but some experience with people and real estate (buying or selling) certainly helps. TAFE's real estate agent training is for people who would like to work as a salesperson in real estate, and acquire the foundation skills and knowledge to satisfy statutory requirements and get your career started. Short courses are a good way for people to 'test the waters' to see if being a real estate sales person is for them without a big investment in time or money.
If you're ready to advance your career in sales or property management, or to hold a Real Estate Agents License (NSW), the Certificate IV is for you. This will require some investment of time and money to become qualified, but you know you need it and already see the potential of this investment. You will learn the basics about buying, selling, leasing, property management, auctions, marketing statutory requirements and trust accounting skills through to property and business law, urban and regional planning considerations and more!
If you still are not quite sure on your career path, why not take our test at to see what career might suit you!