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Student in library

There is no need to be quiet about it, a career as a library assistant, library technician or librarian is an opportunity to perform a service to the public, and in modern libraries, to interact with technology and share your experience.
Many people that are new to a career working in libraries will begin as a library assistant which involves working at the desk issuing library cards; checking out books and updating customer records; cataloguing new books and entering them into the database, sorting books and shelving as well as providing a range of other customer services.
Library Technician is generally the next level of advancement and provides opportunity to assist customers with a higher level of research assistance, make decisions about special promotions and displays based on special library collections and topics that are current to the media, address groups who may visit the library about a range of topics; and may have some supervisory delegation.
Librarians normally have university qualifications and have the opportunity, depending on the size of the library and number of other librarians, to set the vision and direct how the library will function including implementing library information policies and procedures as well as oversee staff.


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