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If leading teams sounds like you then a course in business management will "suit" you perfectly! This diverse career area and the success of people working in it are linked to managers having the ability to understand detailed and complex information and being able to communicate its relevance to stakeholders. The opportunities are endless with organisations needing strategic management, flamboyance and targeted marketing while maintaing the health and welfare of employees, customers and clients or anyone visiting on-site.
Training can start in Business certificates and lead into Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas and there is an entry point to match the stage of your Career. The skills learned through training and on the job experience make the skills transferable to any industry with the required qualifications and career s may include human resource management, customer service, franchising, workplace relations and hospitality management. As your knowledge and experience grow you will enhance your ability to think logically and to analyse information to predict future trends impacting on the business, manage projects simultaneously, understand processes, compliance, financial management and risk management etc.
Marketing is also offered under this career area is an essential ingredient for businesses to reach their potential and with the growth of online business the old ways of marketing are changing with technology. you know your are a marketer if you are a good communicator, creative, able to think outside of the box, and like to find new opportunities. TAFE NSW covers all areas of marketing including: websites, digital and social networking aspects to a business, sales and product marketing, business marketing, online marketing and research.
Workplace Health and Safety is crucial to all businesses and if you see yourself as someone to oversee this area then do a workplace health and safety course at TAFE NSW. you will understand all areas of risks and ways to mitigate it.
If you still are not quite sure on your career path, why not take our test at to see what career area might suit you!