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The Hunter TAFE Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organisation working with Hunter business, education and community leaders committed to supporting education and training at Hunter TAFE by helping students achieve their goals. 
Established in 2000, the Foundation provides financial support to Hunter TAFE students who are experiencing either personal or financial hardship to assist them in completing their studies. 
In 2014, the Foundation presented over 120 awards, scholarships and grants providing over $115,000 of financial assistance to students enrolled at Hunter TAFE in need of encouragement and support to complete their studies. 
How can I donate to the Hunter TAFE Foundation?
If you would like to contribute to the Foundation through a donation, please download an Invitation to Become a Donor or contact the Foundation Relationship Coordinator to discuss your options. All contributions made through a donation to the Hunter TAFE Foundation to further or advance education at Hunter TAFE are fully tax deductible. 
Employees of Hunter TAFE are invited to donate to the Hunter TAFE Foundation via the Employee Contribution campaign, whereby employees can donate fortnightly via the payroll system. If you are an employee and wish to find out more please contact the Foundation Relationship Coordinator.
Thank you to our donors!
The Hunter TAFE Foundation would like to thank our donors who have generously contributed over the years and have allowed for the Foundation to support so many students. 
Ted and Christine Carter and Kloster Group     Central Coast Campus Friends Inc.
Crowne Plaza     Delta Electricity     Valerie Duval     Eckersley's Art & Craft
Chris and Helen Ford     Futura Group     Hunter Culinary Association     Hunter TAFE
HMA Board     Hunter Consultative Committee     Hunter TAFE Student Association
HunterNet Group Training     Kaiyu Enterprises     Kindergarten Union     Newcastle City Council
Newcastle Film Society     Reg Russom Trust     RISE Program     Neville Sawyer AM
TAFE Directors Australia Foundation     TAFE NSW WorldSkills     Together Today Cooperative
Liz Woolfson
Hunter TAFE Foundation

Contact Us

Contact the Foundation Relationship Coordinator by email or call 4923 7410.

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